We want Liberty Circle to be a hassle-free and enjoyable place for you. I decided to put together a little resource page with helpful links to make an adjustment easier. We all know the big FB has much more intuitive features...at the very least, features we're all used to. But hopefully, things will feel like second nature here for us all. :)

Uploading Images:
The max size for an uploaded image is 5.12MB (megabytes). Some images directly from the phone are that small, but others are much bigger. To be kind to our server and to not drive ourselves crazy, this site that resizes images is fabulous! http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/image-optimizer
I suggest setting it at 800 wide (and it auto resizes the height for you). It's amazing how it compresses but doesn't take actual clarity from the photo.
The site does have ads, but so far they seem to be tasteful and not at all intrusive.

Uploading Videos:
Videos can be up to 100MB (megabytes). This handy site (which also has an image compressor I checked out, but I prefer the above) turned a 212MB video into a 12MB video!! This will be an amazing resource to help us save site bandwidth, especially as more people start coming! 

Posting Videos:
One of my favorite things about Liberty Circle is the ability to post videos from Youtube and have them play right on the site. It's easy to just plop in the video url and post. Other platforms aren't as simple, so I have a few screenshots for you.

Very similar to Youtube. Only has one option.

Rumble. Choose the middle option:

Bit Chute. Choose the first option:

Brighteon. First line.